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26. 10. 2010

I saw an angel crying

Translated: Martina Vrbovská

I saw an angel crying
And black Death in the field walking
a sad song in the paradise singing
and a cold autumn to the Earth sending

It took someone special of the world
wise and good man
God gave him a talent, scarse voice
and warm, human brightness into his soul

The angel is crying, doesn't want to go back to the heavens,
because he would have to loose all his songs
No, they are hidden in our hearts
And his sins are washed out forever

He brought love and joy to people
he gave us back health and youth
there won't be another concert on the Earth
he is already singing chorale of angels in the heaven

Homerun or Heaven sounds loudly from the sky
and suddenly our soul is clear
a good music stays by us forever
and all bad is banished from the world

R.I.P. Steve Lee



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