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19. 1. 2011


LOST LOVE - english version


Lost love is playing its crying role

Who will caress its wounded soul?

A lonely heart must really try

Bright star is falling from the sky


Took love afar leaving no gifts

Crying heard back from the gray cliffs

Where did you hide my stolen soul?

Space stunner took it, she took it whole


She held it hidden for three thousand nights

She brought it back, she brought us lights

And love is trembling in the dark rain

People are still less being humane


It hopes for embrace it seems to be vain

It’s getting numb, it’s hard to sustain

Child found it, lifted it, brought it to norms

Not being afraid of thunders and storms


Returned love back, end of the war

No need to pretend, no fear anymore

Finally the soul found another one

Children are smiling, amour has won


Love had been lost, now it appeared

Sins went to hell, accounts are cleared

There will be enough for everyone

And you will learn that, you know you can




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